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cultural production

creative capacity strategic planning

Significant Developments builds relationships within the communities unfolding from the heart of your organization; interweaving the ongoing activities of disparate groups - staff, neighbors, members, customers, etc - to discover the multi-faceted narrative of individual and collective actions driving you forward.

By understanding the threads and the overarching story playing out in your organization, we are able to deliver a Final Report documenting the aspirations and assumptions at play among community stakeholders, and most importantly, the intersections among them worth leaning in to.


Over a 5-month period, our team listened deeply throughout the nested social layers of the Jackson Medical Mall - internal staff, tenants, mall walkers, neighbors, and more - to identify the intersections of assumptions, frustrations, and visions for the future where the Foundation could lean in over the next decade. Alongside this work, we crafted frameworks for bringing local artists to the table at every level of their work as they strive to interweave arts and culture throughout their everyday operations and programs, helping to position them to successfully implement key components of their Community Development Investment grant from ArtPlace America.





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