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next steps and beyond

strategic coaching

Clarifying grand visions and dreams into a series of action steps is a process. ceo daniel johnson provides a critical lens from an outside observer; asking key questions and playing out potential scenarios to ensure your goals don’t remain on the horizon.

Touchstones for success in our process are financial, physical, and emotional sustainability while shaping your final goals into innovations as unique as you are.

$120 for 90-minute session

$380 for four sessions

Available in person and online.

Significant Developments, LLC provides a unique and highly intentional service, and daniel johnson works with passion and profound integrity. In an hour-long coaching session with daniel, I was able to gain new frameworks for considering my work and its value. I left with five more hours that day of thinking, talking, and writing with others to process the shifts that had occurred after hearing daniel's perspective. "All of this happened in an hour?" my husband asked, astounded by the impact it had on me and the future of my work.

That conversation was invaluable and will have ripples of personal and professional impact for me. I've known daniel for years and have always noticed that his mere presence, use of language, and way of moving through the world provoked a lot of thought and curiosity from me. I've often left his side questioning cultural norms in a way that feels liberating, that opens up new options I never considered. My professional experience with Significant Developments, LLC accomplished that and more. I left with more focus and direction in my work, aware of numerous streams of untapped potential, and felt just plain good about the interaction and what we had accomplished. I highly recommend Significant Developments, LLC to any group or individual seeking a greater impact in their work and a movement toward increasing alignment of values, action, and outcome.

– Catherine Gray, www.unsilencedwoman.com

Significant Developments helped me tremendously in the planning and way finding of an organization I've been thinking about for years. daniel johnson is incredible at what he does and the organization is top notch and provides an invaluable service that has to be experienced to truly appreciate.

– Roderick Red, Red Squared Productions




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